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Map of Burma

Map of Burma

Demonym: Burmese
Population: 55,390,000 (2008)
Capital City: Naypyidaw
Capital Coordinates: 19°45′N 96°6′E
Currency: Kyat
Currency Code: K
Currencies Issued: kyat pie pya rupee
GDP: $27.2 billion
Per Capita Income: $463
Foreign Debt: $5.8 billion (2011)
Internet Country Code: .mm
Calling Code: 95
Electrical Generation Capacity: 1860000 kW
Independence: 1948 from United Kingdom
Area: 676,578 square km
Life Expectancy: 62.00 years
Fertility Rate: 2.23 (2012)
Infant Mortality Rate: 47.74 per 1000 (2012)
AIDS Prevalence: 0.70% (2007)

Number of bank notes in catalogue: 6

Number of coins in catalogue: 0

Number of stamps in catalogue: 21

Location of Burma in Asia

Regional Map for Burma

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