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Map of Falkland Islands

Map of Falkland Islands

Demonym: Falkland Islander
Population: 3,140 (2008)
Capital City: Stanley
Capital Coordinates: 51°42′S 57°51′W
Capital Time Zone: UTC -4
Currency: Falkland Islands Pound
Currency Code: FKP
Currencies Issued: pound
GDP: $75.0 million (2005)
Per Capita Income: $25,000 (2005)
ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 Country Code: FK
Internet Country Code: .fk
Calling Code: 500
Electrical Generation Capacity: 10000 kW
Area: 12,173 square km
Coastline: 1,288 km
Lowest Point: Atlantic Ocean (0 m)
Highest Point: Mount Usborne (705 m)

Number of bank notes in catalogue: 0

Number of coins in catalogue: 1

Number of stamps in catalogue: 7

Location of Falkland Islands in South America

Regional Map for Falkland Islands

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