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Map of Greece

Map of Greece

Also Known As: Hellas
Demonym: Greek
Motto: "Eleftheria i thanatos" (Freedom or Death)
Population: 10,815,197 (2011)
Government: parliamentary republic
Capital City: Athens
Capital Coordinates: 37°58′N 23°43′E
Capital Time Zone: UTC +2
Currency: Euro
Currency Code: EUR
Currencies Issued: drachmai drachme euro lepta
GDP: $255.0 billion (2012)
Per Capita Income: $22,757 (2012)
Foreign Debt: $583.3 billion (2011)
ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 Country Code: GR
Internet Country Code: gr
Calling Code: 30
Electrical Generation Capacity: 14360000 kW
Independence: 1821 from Ottoman Empire
Area: 131,957 square km (130,647 km land) (1,310 km water)
Coastline: 13,676 km
Lowest Point: Mediterranean Sea (0 m)
Highest Point: Mount Olympus (2,917 m)
Life Expectancy: 80.05 years
Fertility Rate: 1.39 (2012)
Infant Mortality Rate: 4.92 per 1000 (2012)
AIDS Prevalence: 0.20% (2007)
Human Development Index: 0.861 (2011)
Corruption Perception Index: 3.4 (2011)
Literacy: 96.00 percent

Number of bank notes in catalogue: 9

Number of coins in catalogue: 33

Number of stamps in catalogue: 71

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