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Map of Kosovo

Map of Kosovo

Demonym: Kosovar, Kosovac
Population: 1,722,872 (2011)
Capital City: Pristina
Capital Coordinates: 42°40′N 21°10′E
Capital Time Zone: UTC+1
Currency: Euro
Currency Code: EUR
Currencies Issued: dinar
GDP: $5.6 billion (2008)
Per Capita Income: $3,103 (2010)
Foreign Debt: $326.0 million (2011)
Calling Code: 381
Independence: 2008 from Serbia
Area: 10,887 square km
Lowest Point: Beli Drim (297 m)
Highest Point: Deravica (2,656 m)
Corruption Perception Index: 2.9 (2011)
Literacy: 91.90 percent

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