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Map of Myanmar

Map of Myanmar

Demonym: Burmese
Population: 60,280,000 (2010)
Capital City: Naypyidaw
Capital Coordinates: 19°45′N 96°6′E
Currency: Kyat
Currency Code: MMK
Currencies Issued: pya
GDP: $43.0 billion (2010)
Per Capita Income: $2,010 (702)
ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 Country Code: MM
Internet Country Code: .mm
Calling Code: 95
Independence: 1948 from United Kingdom
Area: 676,578 square km (653,508 km land) (23,070 km water)
Coastline: 1,930 km
Lowest Point: Andaman Sea (0 m)
Highest Point: Hkakabo Razi (5,881 m)
Life Expectancy: 64.88 years Human Development Index: 0.483 (2011)
Corruption Perception Index: 1.5 (2011)
Literacy: 89.90 percent

The area where this country is located used to be called Burma.

Number of bank notes in catalogue: 7

Number of coins in catalogue: 0

Number of stamps in catalogue: 1

Location of Myanmar in Asia

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