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Baseball Card List for Astros


1977 Topps #116 Joe Niekro


1987 Topps #757 Nolan Ryan


1988 Score #575 Nolan Ryan
1988 Topps #6 Nolan Ryan (Record Breaker)
1988 Topps #64 Ken Caminiti
1988 Topps #250 Nolan Ryan


1989 Topps #530 Nolan Ryan

Historical Astros Team Statistics

Founded: 1962
Stadium: Minute Maid Park (Seating Capacity 40,950)

YearPlaceWinsLossesPercentageGames BehindManagerAttendance
19628th64960.40036.5Harry Craft924,456
19639th66960.40733.0Harry Craft719,502
19649th66960.40727.0Harry Craft, Lum Harris725,773
19659th65970.40132.0Lum Harris2,151,470
19668th72900.44423.0Grady Hatton1,872,108
19679th69930.42632.5Grady Hatton1,348,303
196810th72900.44425.0Grady Hatton, Harry Walker1,312,887
19695th81810.50012.0Harry Walker1,442,995
19704th79830.48823.0Harry Walker1,253,444
19714th79830.48811.0Harry Walker1,261,589
19722nd84690.54910.5Harry Walker, Salty Parker, Leo Durocher1,469,247
19734th82800.50617.0Leo Durocher, Preston Gomez1,394,004
19744th81810.50021.0Preston Gomez1,090,728
19756th64970.39843.5Preston Gomez, Bill Virdon858,002
19763rd80820.49422.0Bill Virdon886,146
19773rd81810.50017.0Bill Virdon1,109,560
19785th74880.45721.0Bill Virdon1,126,145
19792nd89730.5491.5Bill Virdon1,900,312
19801st93700.571-1.0Bill Virdon2,278,217

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