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Baseball Card List for Athletics


1973 Topps #430 Vida Blue


1982 Topps #531 Rich Bordi, Mark Budaska, Kelvin Moore (Rookie)


1986 Topps #304 Mike Gallego


1987 Topps #366 Mark McGwire
1987 Topps #620 Jose Canseco (Rookie)
1987 Topps Traded #52T Reggie Jackson


1988 Topps #3 Mark McGwire (Record Breaker)
1988 Topps #72 Dennis Eckersley
1988 Topps #580 Mark McGwire (Rookie)
1988 Topps #759 Oakland Athletics Team Leaders (Team Leader)


1989 Fleer #7 Dennis Eckersley
1989 Fleer #17 Mark McGwire
1989 Topps #70 Mark McGwire
1989 Topps #500 Jose Canseco


1990 Topps #250 Jose Canseco
1990 Topps #690 Mark McGwire


1991 Fleer #5 Jose Canseco


1993 Donruss #315 Rickey Henderson


1998 Topps #176 Jason Giambi

Historical Athletics Team Statistics

Founded: 1901
Stadium: Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum (Seating Capacity 35,067)

YearPlaceWinsLossesPercentageGames BehindManagerAttendance
19556th63910.40933.0Lou Boudreau1,393,054
19568th521020.33845.0Lou Boudreau1,015,154
19577th59940.38638.5Lou Boudreau, Harry Craft901,067
19587th73810.47419.0Harry Craft925,090
19597th66880.42928.0Harry Craft963,683
19608th58960.37739.0Bob Elliot774,944
19619th611000.37947.5Joe Gordon, Hank Bauer683,817
19629th72900.44424.0Hank Bauer635,675
19638th73890.45131.5Ed Lopat762,364
196410th571050.35242.0Ed Lopat, Mel McGaha642,478
196510th591030.36443.0Mel McGaha, Haywood Sullivan528,344
19667th74860.46323.0Alvin Dark773,929
196710th62990.38529.5Alvin Dark, Luke Appling726,639
19686th82800.50621.0Bob Kennedy778,232
19692nd88740.5439.0Hank Bauer, John McNamara778,232
19702nd89730.5499.0John McNamara778,355
19711st101600.627-16.0Dick Williams914,993
19721st93620.600-5.5Dick Williams921,323
19731st94680.580-6.0Dick Williams1,000,763
19741st90720.556-5.0Alvin Dark845,693
19751st98640.605-7.0Alvin Dark1,075,518
19762nd87740.5402.5Chuck Tanner780,593
19777th63980.39138.5Jack McKeon, Bobby Winkles495,599
19786th69930.42623.0Bobby Winkles, Jack McKeon526,999
19797th541080.33334.0Jim Marshall306,763
19802nd83790.51214.0Billy Martin842,259

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