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Baseball Card List for Braves


1976 Topps #435 Phil Niekro


1986 Topps #600 Dale Murphy
1986 Topps #705 Dale Murphy (All-Star)


1987 Topps #490 Dale Murphy


1988 Score #450 Dale Murphy
1988 Topps #90 Dale Murphy
1988 Topps #165 Robin Yount


1989 Fleer #596 Dale Murphy
1989 Topps #11 Bruce Sutter
1989 Topps #382 John Smoltz
1989 Topps #784 Steve Avery

Historical Braves Team Statistics

Founded: 1953
Stadium: Turner Field (Seating Capacity 50,096)

YearPlaceWinsLossesPercentageGames BehindManagerAttendance
19532nd92620.59713.0Charlie Grimm1,826,397
19543rd89650.5788.0Charlie Grimm2,131,388
19552nd85690.55213.5Charlie Grimm2,005,836
19562nd92620.5971.0Charlie Grimm, Fred Haney2,046,331
19571st95590.617-8.0Fred Haney2,215,404
19581st92620.597-8.0Fred Haney1,971,101
19592nd86700.5512.0Fred Haney1,749,112
19602nd88660.5717.0Chuck Dressen1,497,799
19614th83710.53910.0Chuck Dressen, Birdie Tebbetts1,101,441
19625th86760.53115.5Birdie Tebbetts766,921
19636th84780.51915.0Bobby Bragan773,018
19645th88740.5435.0Bobby Bragan910,911
19655th86760.53111.0Bobby Bragan555,584
19665th85770.52510.0Bobby Bragan, Billy Hitchcock555,584
19677th77850.47524.5Billy Hitchcock, Ken Silvestri1,389,222
19685th81810.50016.0Lum Harris1,126,540
19691st93690.574-3.0Lum Harris1,458,320
19705th76860.46926.0Lum Harris1,078,848
19713rd82800.5068.0Lum Harris1,006,320
19724th70840.45525.0Lum Harris, Eddie Mathews752,973
19735th76850.47222.5Eddie Mathews800,655
19743rd88740.54314.0Eddie Mathews, Clyde King981,085
19755th67940.41640.5Clyde King, Connie Ryan534,672
19766th70920.43232.0Dave Bristol818,179
19776th611010.37737.0Dave Bristol, Ted Turner872,464
19786th69930.42626.0Bobby Cox904,494
19796th66940.41323.5Bobby Cox769,465
19804th81800.50311.0Bobby Cox1,048,411

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