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Baseball Card List for Orioles


1977 Topps #600 Jim Palmer


1985 Topps #30 Cal Ripken, Jr.


1986 Topps #340 Cal Ripken
1986 Topps #715 Cal Ripken (All-Star)


1987 Topps #120 Eddie Murray
1987 Topps #609 Cal Ripken (All-Star)
1987 Topps #784 Cal Ripken


1988 Topps #4 Eddie Murray (Record Breaker)
1988 Topps #650 Cal Ripken
1988 Topps Traded #96T Frank Robinson


1989 Topps #250 Cal Ripken


1990 Topps #570 Cal Ripken


1992 Score #540 Cal Ripken, Jr.

Historical Orioles Team Statistics

Founded: 1954
Stadium: Oriole Park at Camden Yards (Seating Capacity 45,438)

YearPlaceWinsLossesPercentageGames BehindManagerAttendance
19547th541000.35157.0Jimmy Dykes1,060,910
19557th57970.37039.0Paul Richards852,039
19566th69850.44828.0Paul Richards901,201
19575th76760.50021.0Paul Richards1,029,581
19586th74790.48417.5Paul Richards829,991
19596th74800.48120.0Paul Richards891,926
19602nd89650.5788.0Paul Richards1,187,849
19613rd95670.58614.0Paul Richards, Luman Harris951,089
19627th77850.47519.0Billy Hitchcock790,254
19634th86760.53118.5Billy Hitchcock774,343
19643rd97650.5992.0Hank Bauer1,116,215
19653rd94680.5808.0Hank Bauer781,649
19661st97630.606-9.0Hank Bauer1,203,366
19676th76850.47215.5Hank Bauer955,053
19682nd91710.56212.0Hank Bauer, Earl Weaver943,977
19691st109530.673-19.0Earl Weaver1,058,168
19701st108540.667-15.0Earl Weaver1,057,069
19711st101570.639-12.0Earl Weaver1,023,037
19723rd80740.5195.0Earl Weaver899,950
19731st97650.599-8.0Earl Weaver958,667
19741st91710.562-2.0Earl Weaver962,572
19752nd90690.5664.5Earl Weaver1,002,157
19762nd88740.54310.5Earl Weaver1,058,609
19772nd97640.6022.5Earl Weaver1,195,769
19784th90710.5599.0Earl Weaver1,051,724
19791st102570.642-8.0Earl Weaver1,681,009
19802nd100620.6173.0Earl Weaver1,797,438

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