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Also Known As: Československo
Demonym: Czechoslovakian
Motto: "Veritas Vincit" (Truth Prevails)
Population: 15,600,000 (1992)
Government: defunct - government no longer exists
Capital City: Prague
Capital Coordinates: 50°05′N 14°25′E
Capital Time Zone: UTC+1
Currency: Czechoslovak koruna
Currency Code: CSK
Internet Country Code: .cs
Calling Code: 42
Independence: 1918 from Austro-Hungarian Empire
Area: 127,900 square km

Czechoslovakia was formed in 1918 when it declared independence from the Austro-Hungarian empire. In 1993 it separated into the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

This country no longer exists. It was followed by Czech Republic.

Number of bank notes in catalogue: 2

Number of coins in catalogue: 40

Number of stamps in catalogue: 284

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