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Map of Rwanda

Map of Rwanda

Bordering Countries: Burundi, Congo, Democratic Republic of the, Tanzania, Uganda
Demonym: Rwandan, Rwandese
Motto: "Unity, Work, Patriotism"
Population: 12,337,138 (2014)
Population Growth Rate: 2.63% (2014)
Government: presidential republic
Capital City: Kigali
Capital Coordinates: 1°56.63′S 30°3.57′E
Capital Time Zone: UTC+2
Currency: Rwandan Franc
Currency Code: RWF
Currencies Issued: centime
GDP: $6.1 billion (2011)
Per Capita Income: $593 (2011)
GDP Growth Rate: 7.50% (2013)
Inflation Rate: 5.90% (2013)
ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 Country Code: RW
Internet Country Code: .rw
Number of Internet Users: 450000 (2009)
Calling Code: 250
Electrical Generation Capacity: 57250 kW (2010)
Independence: 1962 from Belgium
Area: 26,338 square km (24,668 km land) (1,670 km water)
Lowest Point: Rusizi River (950 m)
Highest Point: Volcan Karisimbi (4,519 m)
Life Expectancy: 59.26 years (2014)
Fertility Rate: 4.62 (2014)
Infant Mortality Rate: 59.59 per 1000 (2014)
HIV Prevalence: 2.90% (2012)
Adult Obesity Prevalence: 4.30% (2008)
Human Development Index: 0.429 (2011)
Corruption Perception Index: 5.0 (2011)
Literacy: 70.40 percent

Number of bank notes in catalogue: 6

Number of coins in catalogue: 1

Number of stamps in catalogue: 56

Location of Rwanda in Africa

Regional Map for Rwanda

Major Cities

Butare (Population 77000)
Cyangugu (Population 19900)
Gisenyi (Population 106335)
Gitarama (Population 84669)
Kigali [Capital] (Population 965398)




Congo River
Nile River


Lake Kivu


Mount Gahinga
Mount Karisimbi
Mount Muhabura

Stock Exchange

Rwanda Stock Exchange

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