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Map of Uganda

Map of Uganda

Bordering Countries: Congo, Democratic Republic of the, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania
Demonym: Ugandan
Motto: "For God and My Country"
Population: 40,853,749 (2018)
Population Growth Rate: 3.24% (2014)
Government: presidential republic
Capital City: Kampala
Capital Coordinates: 00°18′49″N 32°34′52″E
Capital Time Zone: UTC+3
Currency: Ugandan Shilling
Currency Code: UGX
Currencies Issued: shilling
GDP: $17.7 billion (2010)
Per Capita Income: $514 (2010)
GDP Growth Rate: 5.60% (2013)
Inflation Rate: 5.60% (2017)
Unemployment Rate: 9.40% (2014)
Foreign Debt: $10.8 billion (2018)
ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 Country Code: UG
Internet Country Code: .ug
Number of Internet Users: 18148923 (2017)
Calling Code: 256
Electrical Generation Capacity: 539000 kW (2010)
Independence: 1962 from United Kingdom
Area: 241,038 square km (197,100 km land) (43,938 km water)
Lowest Point: Lake Albert (621 m)
Highest Point: Mount Stanley (5,110 m)
Life Expectancy: 54.46 years (2014)
Fertility Rate: 5.97 (2014)
Infant Mortality Rate: 60.82 per 1000 (2014)
HIV Prevalence: 7.20% (2012)
Adult Obesity Prevalence: 4.30% (2008)
Human Development Index: 0.446 (2011)
Corruption Perception Index: 2.4 (2011)
Literacy: 66.80 percent

Number of bank notes in catalogue: 20

Number of coins in catalogue: 2

Number of stamps in catalogue: 16

Location of Uganda in Africa

Regional Map for Uganda

Major Cities

Arua (Population 59400)
Entebbe (Population 79700)
Fort Portal (Population 47100)
Gulu (Population 154300)
Jinja (Population 89700)
Kampala [Capital] (Population 1659600)
Koboko (Population 51300)
Lira (Population 108600)
Masaka (Population 74100)
Mbale (Population 91800)
Mbarara (Population 83700)
Moroto (Population 12300)
Soroti (Population 66000)




Nile River


Lake Albert
Lake Edward
Lake Kyoga
Lake Victoria


Mount Baker
Mount Elgon
Mount Gahinga
Mount Muhabura
Mount Speke
Mount Stanley

Stock Exchange

Uganda Securities Exchange

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